Meet India’s incredibly feisty women animal rescuers

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Thinking out loud about International Women’s Day, we decided to discover unsung rescue queens across the country from different walks of life. We were interested to introduce these fierce women to the world. Motivated to dig in, we wanted to hunt rescuers who managed to mind-boggle us with their struggle, fighting spirit and perseverance. So, […]

Diwali with Compassion & Kindness

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Diwali brings in joy, happiness, and hopes for many. However, if a celebration harms any living-being, then it cannot be chanting; it is contemptible. Every year numerous homeless animals suffer due to the frivolous use of fireworks. As Diwali was originally called, Deepawali is a festival of Lamps(Lights), not of Fireworks. This year, we are […]

Founders of Furrfolks: Educate your child to empathize with the animal world

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Each of us in the country is aware of the pandemic catastrophe. The sudden lockdown and the struggle of one and another, while the people tried to make ends meet, Rumela Mitra and S.K. Basit, the cofounders of Furrfolks, were concerned about the hungry neglected and ignored strays. In conversation with Desiwoof, they shared their […]