Avoid these Cat Feeding Mistakes

Avoid these Cat Feeding Mistakes

We all love our little furry friends. We wish for a happy and healthy life for them! The key to a healthy life is a good diet. We all feed our cats every day. But the question is: Are you making any mistake feeding your cat? Well, today’s blog will clear all your doubts regarding feeding your furry friend. So, here are a few go-to tips :

Avoid raw food :

Fishes are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Meat and eggs are great sources of protein for your kitten. But cook them properly to avoid any sort of sickness. It can lead to dehydration and food poisoning.  

Don’t overfeed your cat :

A chubby cat may look cute. But obesity is turning into quite an issue for cats these days. As compared to dogs, cats are less active and like to have enough rest. Hence, they do not require as many calories. Make sure your cat has a balanced diet but don’t go over the board. Similar to human beings, obese cats can suffer from various diseases like arthritis, diabetes, and urinary tract issues. 

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Keep your Kitten hydrated: 

cats don’t drink much water voluntarily. Hence, water has to be placed in such a way that it gets attracted to it. Observe your kitten and put a mug of water in all their favorite spots. This would trick them into drinking sufficient water.

Go for wet food: 

As cats don’t consume much water. It becomes important to give them a water-rich diet to avoid any form of dehydration or urinary tract problems. Foods like oats or any other type of porridge are not only hydrating but also very nutritious for your kitty. You can also go for canned food instead of dry food as it has more water content. And if you are going for dry food make sure you encourage your cat to drink enough water. 

Avoid milk products: 

People often think cats love milk. But, don’t let Tom & Jerry fool you. Most cats are lactose intolerant to cow’s milk. Their tummies don’t act well with any milk treats so, you better not risk it. I would suggest you never keep a bowl of milk around your cat. 

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Cats cannot go vegan: 

Sorry fellas but your cat cannot go vegan! 

They are inherently carnivores. Flipping their diet can cause harmful effects. Your cat needs to have a meat-based diet for a strong heart, bones, and muscles. If you live in a vegetarian household, you can always rely on cat food we get in the market to fulfill their nutritional needs. 

Feeding veggies to cats : 

Some extra fibrous veggies on the side of the meal are always good for health. Veggies provide fibers and vitamins. An ample dose of fibers ensures good metabolism and digestion. Not all cats like veggies but fresh cucumber or leafy greens like spinach or steamed broccoli, carrots, peas are great for digestion. 

Do not rely on a homemade diet completely :

It is good to feed fresh home prepped meals to your cats. But it is rather hard to find a balance. Cat foods are specially prepared to fulfill all the nutritional requirements of your little kitten. Hence, I would suggest you find a proper balance between the two. You can consult your vet for the same. 

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Food toxic for your cat : 

everybody loves theirs does of delicious chocolate delights. But, not your cats. Never feed chocolate to your cats. Chocolates or any caffeinated drink contain a chemical called theobromine that increases their heart rate and leads to loss of bodily fluids. Consequences can be lethal. Onion and garlic in any form can lead to the breakdown of their red blood cells and cause anemia. Alcohol just a sip can make your cat unconscious and lead to a state of coma. If you want to have fun at the weekend parties. Make sure to keep your cat in safety. Some cats can get sick and even have kidney failures consuming grapes or raisins. This fresh sweet treat is just for humans and not for cats. Also, as mentioned above, raw food and milk lead to diarrhea. Keep your kitchen closets close. If by any means, your cat consumes any of the above-mentioned food items consult your veterinarian immediately and get them the best possible care.

Consult your veterinarian :

The general points are to be kept in mind. But, some cats, according to their age and breeds, have different nutritional needs. To find the perfect diet plan for your cat, you can always consult your veterinarian. 

I hope you got an insight on how to feed your little purry baby well. A little effort and vigilance from your side will ensure a good healthy life for your cat. If you have any more queries, drop your question in the comment section. We would love to help you.

Vanshika is a writer hailing from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. She is currently pursuing B.tech from the NIT, Raipur. Her favorite pastime is to watch and analyze documentaries. She believes that with an empathetic approach all life forms can co-exist peacefully in this world.

Editors Note: This blog is solely for informational purposes, and nothing expressed in this article should be accepted without proper verification and expert advice. It is being advised to the readers that they should exercise caution when performing the preceding actions because the information provided may not always be relevant in all cases.


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