Aditya’s fundraiser to vaccinate & save many lives on the street!

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Aditya’s Birthday Fundraiser

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Birthdays are an event when you get to recall all the precious memories you have had. Pictures of you as a baby wearing a party cap on your 1st birthday, cutting a cartoon cake surrounded by your friends, distributing chocolates in your school and receiving gifts from your friends. But as you get older, you get the urge to do something bigger each year. And what could be a better way to celebrate your birthday than by helping hundreds of lives?

Why you should help?

On 10th October, Aditya Mishra, a research scholar by profession and animal lover at heart is celebrating his 23rd birthday. He has always been concerned about animals and has stepped up for them. Being involved in animal welfare for the last three and a half years, and by learning and mentoring new members about animal rescues, he has seen many stray animals die from infections and viruses each year that could have been otherwise prevented if they had been vaccinated in time. Vaccinated animals, even if infected, can be cured, but there are very low chances of recovery for those who are not.

How would the funds be used? 

Aditya wants to minimize the spread of these lethal and contagious diseases with the help of Desiwoof by setting a goal to vaccinate 100 stray animals with 9in1 DHPPi. Vaccination is a preventive measure that does not require post-operative care and doesn’t have any side effects. Witnessing COVID, we all can understand the importance of vaccination.

How you can support?

You can contribute any amount of your liking and share it with the maximum number of people possible to ensure safety for our childlike canines. Every humble contribution from your side holds immense importance.
So, let us help Aditya to get closer to his goal and make his day very special by granting his wish! Every penny donated can save the lives of not one but many. You can contribute any amount and share this wonderful cause with as many people as you can!

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Desiwoof family wishes Aditya a very happy birthday!

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Your contribution is secure through the desiwoof platform. When you support our partner organization from desiwoof platform, We monitor and verify the utilization of all funds provided. Desiwoof platform strives to induce transparency in Animal welfare and rescue missions.
At present, the Desiwoof platform is in the test phase. We welcome your suggestions and feedback. You can write to us at [email protected]

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