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Dharmanshu’s Birthday Fundraiser to save injured homeless dogs!

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Make Dharmanshu Delighted!

Dharmanshu’s Birthday Fundraiser

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

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Birthday, a day filled with pure joy and happiness, and all you want is to make this special day memorable for your near and dear ones. What if we told you there is a way that will not only make your buddy’s day more delightful but also help the innocent street dogs in need.

Why you should help?

Today, Dharmanshu, a kind animal lover and fierce rescuer, is celebrating his 24th birthday. His compassion and empathy towards the community are truly inspiring.  He wants to make this memorable day more meaningful by helping the wounded dogs in his city and, he needs your support for it! 

How would the funds be used? 

Every day, many dogs get injured on the streets. These wounds lead to deadly infections and ultimately death in many cases. Timely assistance and efficient treatment together can save many lives. But NGOs and rescue groups often lack funds and run out of resources to foster such critical cases. These funds collected will be solely invested by the Desiwoof family to manufacture dog enclosures that help provide a safer environment for the injured canines. They will only be handed out to verified foster carers to ensure their proper usage. These enclosures serve as short-term housing facilities for dogs under veterinary care. While undergoing treatment, it is essential to protect dogs from unwanted infections like bedsores. Also, It is better to keep them in separate enclosures to steer clear of any fights. The setup helps fulfill these needs and hence is crucial for the comfortable housing of the injured dogs to ensure their speedy recovery. 

How you can support?

You can contribute any amount of your liking and share it with the maximum number of people possible to ensure safety for our childlike canines. Every humble contribution from your side holds immense importance. By supporting this cause, you join hands with the foster carers to save lives and spread joy!

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Desiwoof family wishes Dharmanshu a very happy birthday!

Dharmanshu has been a part of the Desiwoof from even before it formally started. 

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Donate without concern and hassle!

Your contribution is secure through the desiwoof platform. When you support our partner organization from desiwoof platform, We monitor and verify the utilization of all funds provided. Desiwoof platform strives to induce transparency in Animal welfare and rescue missions.
At present, the Desiwoof platform is in the test phase. We welcome your suggestions and feedback. You can write to us at [email protected]

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