Elephants are considered sacred in India. It is the living embodiment of the Hindu god Lord Ganesha, an elephant-headed deity who symbolizes wisdom and prosperity. But the harsh treatment and declining population of wild elephants shows the reality is quite conflicting from what we perceive. The rising human population and their desperation to fulfil their […]

EXISTENCE TO EXTINCTION; The Journey of Indian Dog Breeds

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What if we tell you that our native Indian Doggos have a rich history and unique ancestral lineage? And not just one but many! With each breed having a different tale to tell. Let’s learn more about them and appreciate them being Indian! 1.RAJPALAYAM- Named after the city of Rajpalayam, this dog breed originated from […]



You were playing with your dog, and Ouch it happened! He bit you suddenly. Well, no need to worry, we have got it all covered. Just hang on and keep reading. A Dog bite can be excruciating and risky. It is estimated that around 20,000 deaths happen due to Rabies bite in India. It is […]

CAGED! The Fate of Protected Parrot Species in India


“The Forest Department officials at Puliyakulam received information that a woman in the city was keeping Rose-ringed parakeet (Psittacula krameri), a protected species under Schedule IV of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, as a pet. The woman was in tears when the Forest staff seized the bird that she nurtured for three years. She handed over the […]

Save lives from Home! Volunteer with Desiwoof!

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Desiwoof is a nonprofit digital platform enabling rescuers and animal lovers from all over the country to support and connect for the betterment of animals. We aim to build awareness around the broad array of prevailing animal welfare issues and provoke conversations that matter. Desiwoof is very actively involved in locating organizations and people who need support […]



DEWORMING & VACCINATION-Dogs have been the best companion since time immemorial. They will give you unconditional love and support at all times. All they ask from their human is that they play with them and take them out for walks. Give them lots of pets, scratches, and unlimited belly rubs. But apart from taking care […]

Meet India’s incredibly feisty women animal rescuers

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Thinking out loud about International Women’s Day, we decided to discover unsung rescue queens across the country from different walks of life. We were interested to introduce these fierce women to the world. Motivated to dig in, we wanted to hunt rescuers who managed to mind-boggle us with their struggle, fighting spirit and perseverance. So, […]

Diwali with Compassion & Kindness

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Diwali brings in joy, happiness, and hopes for many. However, if a celebration harms any living-being, then it cannot be chanting; it is contemptible. Every year numerous homeless animals suffer due to the frivolous use of fireworks. As Diwali was originally called, Deepawali is a festival of Lamps(Lights), not of Fireworks. This year, we are […]