Diwali with Compassion & Kindness

Diwali with Compassion & Kindness

Diwali brings in joy, happiness, and hopes for many. However, if a celebration harms any living-being, then it cannot be chanting; it is contemptible. Every year numerous homeless animals suffer due to the frivolous use of fireworks. As Diwali was originally called, Deepawali is a festival of Lamps(Lights), not of Fireworks.

This year, we are commemorating Diwali by rejoicing the rescue and healing saga of Diwali – the Doggo who was ruthlessly abused a year ago by a group of people as their Diwali amusement. As a friendly gesture, the little dog wagged her tail and joyfully joined the group only to have them catch her and burst a bomb in her mouth. Why talk about it now? Well, this story of Diwali is one such incident that happens time and again every Diwali. Humans continue to harm the innocent. Hence, this Diwali, let us spread awareness and share happiness among all. While you share positivity and joy with your friends and family, create a happy and safe environment for the homeless animals to feel safe and secure even on the streets. 

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Archana with Diwali

Sharing with us the experience of being a pet parent, Diwali’s human mother, Archana Dubey, speaks to DesiWoof about Diwali, her life as a pet mom, and her concerns about society. 

    Archana narrates her tale of finding her beloved dog, Diwali. Archana first saw Diwali’s pictures on PFA’s Instagram and read about her story. She instantly decided to bring her four-legged baby home. Archana adopted Diwali in 2019 and took her to her forever home. Talking about Diwali’s nature, Archana giggles as she shares, “She’s a very gentle dog. But, a super lazy and stubborn girl. Belly rubs are her favorite. Is a friendly dog but turns down every attempt of friendship from the feline gang.” 

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Expressing her gratitude towards the PFA who saved Diwali and took care of her, Archana mentions, “Diwali was rescued by PFA Bhilai, the team immensely cared for her. Volunteers of PFA stayed by her side while she went to surgery and fought through this traumatic attack. They rescued and nurtured her.” Adding about the challenges as Diwali’s pet-parent post the incident, she says, “The biggest challenge for me was to train her physically. I had to teach her to eat as she’d lost a major part of her jaw and teeth. Also, it was an uphill task for me to make her trust humans again after that unfortunate experience.” 

 Speaking in despair about animal abuse, she says, “Sadly, animal abuse increases during festivals in our country, especially during Diwali. We must be extremely sensitive towards any form of abuse towards strays. It is only possible by sensitizing and creating awareness among all in the society.” 

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Diwali – Before Surgery

 Sound pollution caused by the blasting of crackers immensely impacts dogs; they are petrified and insecure by the loud noise. To deal with this, Archana suggests that it is essential to help your pets handle the sounds of crackers, be with them as much as possible, and take them out for regular walks before the lighting of crackers begins. 

 Archana arguably condemns the animal protection act calling it “the most toothless act” further adds, “Just by changing the law, the society wouldn’t change. The best way to bring change in society is by having people in power, the visionaries, and leaders to fight and care about animal welfare as an important part of our society.” It currently fails to protect the animals. However, she says compassion and selflessness can bring about change and create a better world for the animals around us. 

Archana believes that this is the right time to inculcate awareness among the children, “As a society, India is evolving in almost all fields. This is the right time for the inception of ideas among the new generation. Animal welfare/abuse etc. needs to be added to the school curriculum to sensitize the kids. Children need to know that bursting a bomb in a dog’s mouth is not fun; it is a hideous crime.” 

Discussing the current scenario towards an animal-sensitive and secure society, Archana says, “Just when I see gory images of animal abuse. I also witness a group of animal lovers ready to rescue them. For every abuser out, there is an animal lover and a humane soul around. We still have a long way to go, but people are slowly waking up to it.” Wishing the readers a safe Diwali, Archana signs off, stating, “Stay safe, keep your furry friends safe.” 

Rescue Story of Diwali- Created by PFA Durg Bhilai

We hope that you and your family remain safe, celebrate the festival of positivity, and spread the love for animals. Provide shelter to the stray, feed them, and help the ones in need. You surely can make this world a better place. 

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