This festive season, Empower Us to Assist Injured and Abandoned Animals on the Streets of Kolkata.

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Help us buy medical kits for our volunteers.

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About Fundraiser

Our team of 95+ volunteers ensures that animals on every part of Kolkata get the proper remedy in a crisis. We need to be equipped with appropriate first-aid medications all the time to save lives. You can help us by contributing a small amount so that we can buy the required medications and protect animals on the street

With amount collected through this fundraiser, we willl provide a first-aid kit to all volunteers.

Each Kit will have following items will cost us Rs. 700.00 per kit.

  • Dmag, Becticon oil, Loraxane, Himax, Neomac, Pause 500, Syringes, Sterile Gauze, Bandage, Cotton, Leucoplast, Betadine, Liv5


Furrfolks took its birth to serve millions of stray babies around the city who are in dire need of affection, treatment, and warmth that they deserve. Fortunately, with the help of our dedicated team and well-wishers, we have come a long way, and currently, our service has been successfully extended all around the city. Our members are scattered all over Kolkata, making it easier to notice and attend a helpless stray folk. But there are a few areas where our service has excelled drastically because of the numerical strength of our members. They are:

North Kolkata

South Kolkata




Members of Furrfolks who reside in these areas make sure to feed, treat, and help as many strays as possible, keeping an eye on all the helpless fur babies on the streets. We have already succeeded in treating several dogs and cats in these few areas, and an integral part of our happiness depends on feeding them daily. From rescuing helpless souls to raising voice against cruelty cases, from providing them the required treatments to feeding them, we, Furrfolks are proud to announce our achievements and dream to extend the aforesaid list daily. Shortly, we aim to serve the entire city of joy by bringing loads of happiness to the world of our homeless folks.

The art of medicine has itsroots in the heart.” – Paracelsus

We, Furrfolks believe this by heart, and thus, our everyday activities revolve greatly around medicines and medical knowledge. Being a non-profit organization striving daily to make the world a better place for stray babies, a significant part of our service demands proper medicine for the homeless innocent souls. As we have a treatment department working tirelessly and dedicatedly day and night for treating injuries, accidents, and other ailments in shelter less cats, dogs, and birds, carrying proper medication proves to be an integral part of our team. This demands the requirement of a medical kit, which will help us to accommodate all the necessary medicines and, at the same time, make it easier to carry anywhere. Most of the time, our team has to handle cases that need immediate treatments such as dressing the wounds, providing required medicine, etc. that can prove to be fatal if avoided.
As the core part of our service includes the street, it is incredibly significant to have a medical kit that will help us provide the necessary treatment for our homeless folks during an emergency. Fortunately, we have progressed in our aim broadly over the last few years with the help of our well-wishers and our dedication to our work. Our sole purpose now is to take our journey to the peak to save as many innocent lives of stray babies as possible. A medical kit will definitely be a savior for those innocent souls suffering on the streets, making our journey successful.


Nayantara Kamath


Neha Bagri


All the best for the wonder initiative!



geeta gupta


Great work!



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