Tara’s Counting on you to live a safe life!

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Please Support Tara!

Tara’s Counting on you to live a safe life!

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Tara is a special needs dog rescued from the streets of Raipur in a paralyzed condition.
A mother of little puppies, she met with a horrific accident that left her motionless. People around her were kind enough to look after her babies but neglected her medical needs. Leaving her with permanent damage. Little Tara had already seen so much pain that she accepted her fate. But her rescuers had other plans for her life. She was taken in, by PFA- Bhilai-Durg’s team, who started her treatment. After months of continuous effort, her doctors were convinced that her paralysis was permanent.
Now it was time to find Tara a safe place, which she would call her home. But it is nearly impossible to find an adopter for any Indie Pup with permanently paralyzed hind legs. The decision was made that Tara would only be happy in a place where special needs dogs like her lived & were looked after.

Vatika Animal Sanctuary, Raipur is a permanent shelter for special needs dogs in Chandkhurai, Chhattisgarh. These dogs who are mostly victims of neglect, cruelty or abandonment retire to this shelter to live the rest of their lives peacefully.

We want your support to raise the required amount for Tara to become Vatika’s resident. This money would be utilized for her complete care.

How you can support?

Tara has suffered more than anyone could imagine. It’s time for her to see the real face of humanity. To believe that humans can be loving & giving too.
Every penny raised through this fundraiser would go into making Tara’s life better, taking care of her medicines, food & shelter.
Every humble donation from your side holds immense importance.
You can contribute any amount and share this wonderful cause with as many people as you can! Tara needs your help!

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