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Animal NGO in Kolkata

What We Do?

Furrfolks Foundation is an organization dedicated solely towards the welfare, rehabilitation and treatment for stray, abandoned and/or injured animals. Founded by Rumela Mitra and SK Basit, they had only one goal on their mind and heart, to help the voiceless living on the streets. With a group of youngsters, they have achieved what seemed to be impossible. With a team of over 95+ members all over Kolkata and West Bengal, each member has taken the responsibility to feed the strays in their areas.
During the time of the pandemic that hit us in 2020, the strays have been affected the most. With shops closed, the strays have barely been able to get a decent meal in a day. Furrfolks has made sure to feed as many stray babies as possible. Daily, an accumulative of 350-400 dogs are fed by our own members. Throughout this pandemic, Furrfolks kept hosting vaccination drives throughout Kolkata. We not only provide vaccination, we also provide sterilization, ligation, foster care, adoption and many more facilities to protect our stray guardian angels. We try and be present whenever there are extreme cases with consultation from veterinarian experts. We have been collaborating with different associations online and offline to help raise funds to help the stray babies.
We are happy to help these furry angels regardless of a pandemic and we would keep doing it regardless of a pandemic. The stray babies protect us with all their lives and this is the least we can do with them. The world is revolving with kindness and they stray furries deserve them too. This is our story and we want the people to know that there is a team in the city of joy, who will always look after the strays in all possible circumstances.

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Priyanka Chatterjee

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Ananya Chatterjee

₹100.00 October 1, 2020

Shweta Chaudhary

₹100.00 October 1, 2020

Aniket Guha

₹100.00 October 1, 2020

Saurabh Raja

₹100.00 September 30, 2020

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