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About Heera Bai and her humble shelter home

One doesn’t have to be wealthy to be generous. We often come across people living in the direst situation yet showing the most selfless acts of love. People who don’t own any luxuries are the ones willing to comfort needy lives. Heera Bai is one such paradigm of extraordinary benevolence.

A 48 years old lady working at a local eatery with a low-paid job of doing dishes, Heera Bai is a mother of more than 80 dogs. She has given shelter to 10 injured dogs in her own house of a single room. She goes out to feed more than 60 nearby dogs daily, managing everything on her own, utilizing everything she earns. She never lets anything stop her from loving animals, be it health, age, or her financial conditions; she faces every obstacle herself. Whenever Heera Bai faces criticism from people around her and her neighbors, who dislike her compassionate work, she stands up courageously for the dogs. Living an extremely humble life, it is only this love for animals that motivates her to go out and work every day.

Looking after so many dogs isn’t an easy task someone could do alone, but Heera Bai thinks of them as her children and only family. When her people refuse to love and support her, she finds comfort in the dogs. When her financial conditions became insufficient to continue feeding her family of numerous needy strays, Heera Bai decided to take a loan and used the amount for her fur babies. She doesn’t desire fancy jewels or a comfortable life but a secure future for her dogs. She has devoted half her life taking care of her dogs and commits to doing the same all her coming days. She wishes that when she’s no more, someone looks after her dogs which are not less than her children. Is it too much to ask? 

No matter how few possessions you own or how little money you have, loving animals makes you rich beyond measure, but it is also necessary to sustain their life.

Why should you help her?

We aim to support Heera Bai by giving her every aid she needs to continue feeding her dogs. She possesses nothing but a huge heart and a compassionate soul. Her love for needy animals on the street has motivated us to start a fundraiser to help her financially.


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How would the funds be used?

We plan to help her raise enough funds to build a comfortable new shelter that would be a space for the injured dogs under her care. Funds collected would be used up regularly for feeding the community animals daily. We also plan to get her community dogs sterilized to check their population. Funds getting utilized will be monitored strictly by Desiwoof and will be used only for the welfare of community animals. Please support us in this mission by helping us raise maximum funds for Heera Bai so she continues serving animals around her.

How can you help?

Every little contribution will take us a step closer to ensuring a secure life for the animals under Heera Bai’s care. You can support us by donating any amount to our fundraiser. Or share our appeal with maximum people so that our word gets out there. We won’t be able to do this without your help!


Team Mangalore

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Great job!


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Ankit Chakraborty

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Kunal Gupta

₹1,479.00 June 26, 2021

Team Mangalore

₹1,000.00 June 28, 2021

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