World Rabies Day Fundraiser to vaccinate street dogs!

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Save one life by donating just Rs. 50 !

Rabies Fundraiser

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Rabies is a zoonotic viral disease that is one of the most Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) that predominantly affects poor and vulnerable populations. Once clinical symptoms appear, rabies is virtually 100% fatal. It is spread to people and animals through bites or scratches, usually via saliva. It is estimated that around 20,000 deaths happen due to Rabies bite in India. It is disturbing to see that 36% of the world’s rabies deaths happen in our nation every year. But it is preventable through vaccination.

How would the funds be used? 

This World Rabies Day, we aim to facilitate the vaccination of 500 community dogs against the Rabies Virus across India by connecting with verified AWOs. Each vaccination costs as little as Rs 50 but carries the potential of saving the life of the animal and people around it from this deadly virus.

How you can support?

You can contribute any amount of your liking and share it with the maximum number of people possible to ensure safety for our childlike canines. Every humble contribution from your side holds immense importance. By supporting this cause, you save lives and spread joy!

To know all about Rabies and its care, read our blog on TAKING CARE OF DOG BITES at Desiwoof.com

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Gagan Ghanghor

₹1,001.00 September 29, 2021

Let's begin

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Amol Gaikwad

₹100.00 September 28, 2021

Blessings to you

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Anjana Sharna

₹250.00 September 28, 2021
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₹1,000.00 September 27, 2021
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deepak tripathi

₹100.00 September 26, 2021

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