Save lives from Home! Volunteer with Desiwoof!

Save lives from Home! Volunteer with Desiwoof!

Desiwoof is a nonprofit digital platform enabling rescuers and animal lovers from all over the country to support and connect for the betterment of animals. We aim to build awareness around the broad array of prevailing animal welfare issues and provoke conversations that matter.

Desiwoof is very actively involved in locating organizations and people who need support to sustain their welfare activities and guides them through it. We engage in awareness programs and fundraising activities to support our partner NGOs.
We have also organized many fundraisers, feeding drives, and adoption Campaigns “Garv Se Desi” across various cities that intended to promote the adoption of rescued animals. At Desiwoof, we welcome every animal- lover who is willing to contribute in whatever way they can from any place throughout India.

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Who can volunteer?
We call for animal lovers who are above the age of 14 (above 18 for some roles) from anywhere in India to join our team. Access to a device with a good internet connection is compulsory for digital volunteers and a commitment of at least 4 hours per week is expected from every volunteer. If you wish to rescue needy animals but can not do so due to physical constraints, Desiwoof is the platform for you.

What’s in it for you?
We are always occupied with projects, campaigns, and fundraisers and thus have many opportunities to offer to anyone who wishes to join us. Volunteering with us will not only satisfy your desire to work for animals but will provide you with due recognition, experience and enhance your skills. And the best thing about joining us is that by just spending few hours per week sitting at your home, you can help us save the lives of many animals in need!
Volunteer today!

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What are the ways to volunteer?
Well, there are a lot of ways to volunteer with us. If you think you are good at communications, you can help us promote our events and fundraisers. Help us writing blogs and stories covering our work, using your creative side. If you are interested in enhancing your management skills, become our social media manager. And if you are good at web development then yes! We have work for you too.

We will be guiding you at every step throughout!

Take a step ahead and register yourself today by clicking on the link below!

Volunteer from Home

Pranjali is an animal-lover hailing from Bhilai, Chhattigarh. She is pursuing her Bachelor in Science from the University of Delhi. Her favourite pastime is to spend time in the appreciation of nature. She believes that mass awareness is the most important tool in reducing human-animal conflicts.

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