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Pledge to adopt, Sterilize, and feed homeless indies

Adopting a puppy is an act that can change your life and the life of the puppy. Indie strays suffer from homelessness, hunger, worming, accidents, and more. However, this condition of despair could be curbed. All we have to do is pledge; Pledge to Adopt, Neuter, and Feed homeless indies.

Pledge To Save Life

Rescued is our favorite breed.

Whenever a dog is bought from a breeder, the careless breeder is encouraged to cause another litter of puppies. Due to the unnatural mating conditions at breeders, puppies born are subjected to many health issues. This, however, doesn’t stop them or their reckless choices; every time a breeder witnesses a demand, a thoughtless litter is bred, and yet another indie loses a chance of being rescued into a responsible home ready for a pet.


As a team of rescuers, we highly recommend each of you to adopt. Rescued indies deserve a chance for a better life. And as a pet parent, these puppies have a bunch of surprises your way. While they find their way to a better life, they help you grow as pet parents. You will be contributing towards their development and growth. This very act of mutual growth, care, and nurturing each other helps you build a bond of a lifetime.


As pet parents to a rescue, you will learn about their many antics. You will help them overcome their fears while they lay their trust in you. This relationship you grow with your rescue puppy out of love and trust is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Which makes rescued indies our favorite breed.


Choosing an indie rescue


By choosing an indie, you are choosing to bring home a stray born to live here. Which means giving a homeless dog a loving home in its natural habitat. This ensures the puppy adapts to the house sooner; it keeps the puppy’s health in check and makes it easier for pet parents to care for the dog. With a healthy dog at home – you play more, walk more, love more, and bond more. You choose a healthier lifestyle and a healthier world every time you decide to adopt an indie.


Your part as an animal whisperer is amplified if you take a step forward and help neuter and feed the homeless strays. With more puppies, fewer homes, and lesser food available to provide them all, even to neuter and feed puppies can bring in an enormous change in society. By neutering puppies, you play a part in controlling their population. As the number of puppies on the street deplete, it is easier to find their forever homes for them.


You could also help them have a better life by providing them with leftover food. In turn, this will keep a check over food wastage and give the neighborhood puppies healthy food to survive on. Hence, pledge to neuter and feed.

Pledge Now

I ___, pledge as a responsible animal lover of the world, to adopt, neuter and feed the homeless indies. I pledge to not let them die out of hunger, helplessness or homelessness. I pledge to rescue indies and neuter them. I promise to feed the strays, vaccinate the puppies in the neighborhood, educate the population about unethical breeding and help the homeless indies. I promise to make a healthier environment for as many indies as I can. I promise to adopt, neuter and feed as many indies as I can today, tomorrow and now on.

Unconditional love is as close as your nearest shelter.

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Pledge to save desi

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