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Make Rosy & Saloni Delighted!

Mystical Soul Fundraiser

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

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UPDATE– With an extremely heavy heart, we regret to inform that little Saloni has crossed the rainbow despite all our constant efforts. We still want your support to save Rosy, & thus we are reducing the goal of the Fundraiser. Kindly help us in giving her a better life.

Why you should help?

Rosy is a 10-month-old playful puppy waiting every day for the moment she can walk and run again like her other mates.
When a kind woman found Rosy, she was already injured and unable to move. She consulted various veterinarians to get help for the little puppy, but all in vain.

Then luckily, she came across the rescue team MYSTICAL SOULS, who work tirelessly to help community animals in need.
They swore to help little Rosy and started providing her physiotherapy sessions. With the team’s constant hard work and will, she finally started sitting on her own. But sadly, she still cannot pick up her back body.
The volunteers took it upon themselves to get Rosy consulted with one of the best veterinarians in the town.

Rosy has critical neural issues in her spine. But the progress in the field of medical sciences has brought many modern techniques that can help Rosy stand up on her feet again. A combination of deep tissue therapy and laser treatment is the last ray of hope left for her. A small contribution from your side can go a long, long way. If you help her today, then this playful puppy will be able to walk again!

Team Mystical souls is dealing with another case of the little calf, Saloni, who was hit by a vehicle. For the first few days, the locals took care of her while trying to reach out to vets and rescuers. But her condition kept deteriorating to the point that she could not even stand due to weakness. Finally, they reached out to team Mystical Souls. They shifted her to their shelter immediately for proper treatment.

They found out she had grave injuries on both of her front legs. They removed a piece of shattered bone but the open wound is getting infected due to delayed treatment. One of her back hooves was wounded and eaten up by maggots. Saloni is truly living her worst nightmare, fighting for her life every day. 

Her body is dehydrated and, three-day-long diarrhea made her condition even worse. She has no strength to sit or hold her head up. The only time she shows energy is when rescuers are dressing the wound or giving IV and injections. That’s when she throws her legs to resist. The vet has advised to keep her on IV treatment till she regains some strength. She eats, but very little. Her treatment will go on for at least two months. They are trying day and night to help Saloni. But, it is a materialistic world where you not only need good intentions but resources to help another living being. The team needs your help in bearing the cost of medicines and IV fluids. Also, a splint will be made for her wounded leg.

How you can support?

Mahatma Gandhi once said You are the change you want to see in this world!
Every small contribution you make to this fundraiser is your way of bringing a positive change in a life of an innocent animal. You are not only donating to a fundraiser but, you are giving these humble creatures a new life!

You can contribute any amount and share this wonderful cause with as many people as you can!

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Ankit Chakraborty

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