Tips to take care of your Dog in Indian Winters!

Tips to take care of your Dog in Indian Winters!

The winters are finally here, and not only you but your furry friend won’t mind some extra care in these chilly times. So, Team Desiwoof is here to help you take care of your pawsome buddy!

So, here are some simple and hassle-free winter-care tips for your dog to keep the winter troubles at the bay :

Balancing The Calories in their diet : 

Metabolism is a simple process by which your body converts the food you eat and the fluids you drink into energy. During this process, oxygen converts the calories to release the energy your body needs to function efficiently. In winters, your dog burns more calories than the other seasons to protect itself from cold. So, if you live at a place with lower temperatures it is highly advised to increase your dog’s calorie intake. Especially, high protein intake will help them stay warm in the winters. We all have our troubles waking up from the bed in the cold winter mornings, so just like humans, our dogs can get a little lazy too in this season. The physical activities outdoor decrease greatly. So, the key is to maintain a balance. I would suggest you go for smaller and more frequent servings all day instead of two or three giant meals. 

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BE cautious with heaters & blow dryers : 

 You may keep a heater in your dog’s surrounding with good intentions to keep them warm on the chilly winter nights. But, a dog, out of curiosity, can go near it. The radiation from it can cause serious burn injuries. So, it’s better to install a heater at a height where it’s out of your dog’s reach or you can skip this part and, go for woolens instead. A comfortable blanket and cozy bedding are more than enough to give your dog a good night’s sleep.

Proper Hydration : 

Winters is a dry season. Make sure your dog stays hydrated! We may experience a lesser urge to drink water. But, drinking enough water will not only keep your dog healthy but is very important for regulating metabolism. Water intake increases the rates of metabolism and helps in burning calories. Fill your dog’s bowl of water every 2-3 hours. Check the temperature of the water in regular intervals of time. Nobody likes to drink cold water in the winters. 

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Supplement your dog’s diet: 

Along with a balanced diet, a dog needs its supplements for proper health. Extra doses of calcium, omega-3-fatty acids and probiotics will help your dog. Calcium ensures good bone health. Omega-3-fatty acids help in the brain and heart development in younger dogs and help in avoiding heart diseases in older ones. Probiotics ensure good gut health. 

The best part is you don’t need to buy expensive bottles of supplements from the market. They can be found in many natural resources easily. Calcium from eggshells, omega-3-fatty acid from fishes, and flax seeds. Whereas probiotics can be easily found in yogurt.

Visit your vetenirarian :

If you want to get a checkup for your dog, winters are the best time for it. In this way, you’ll be all set before the new year. Just like we are more prone to get sick in winters, our dogs are too. Cold can aggravate many serious health issues. For example, when your dog gets old, they get more prone to bone conditions like arthritis. Arthritis can turn into a major problem for dogs affecting their joints and surrounding tissues. It can later cause trouble in movement, especially in the winters. A regular exercise routine and supplements like omega-three fatty acids will help your dog steer clear of arthritis.

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Grooming your dogs in winters : 

Clip their nails more often and bathe them less often in the winters. Just like us, our dogs tend to stay indoors in winters. They don’t come in contact with hard surfaces as often. So, it’s better to clip their nails. Also, if your dog has a furry coat, make sure to brush it more often in this dry season. Brushing their hair will help lock moisture and avoid lumps.

If you have any more queries, drop your questions in the comment section. Our team replies to all the comments. We would love to interact with you and help solve your problems!

Vanshika is a writer hailing from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. She is currently pursuing B.tech from the NIT, Raipur. Her favorite pastime is to watch and analyze documentaries. She believes that with an empathetic approach all life forms can co-exist peacefully in this world.

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